5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 and Resources Around Town to Help You Succeed

5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 and Resources Around Town to Help You Succeed

It’s that time again…the start of the new year, and the perfect time to make some new years resolutions and goals for 2015!

We’ve put together a list of top 5 new year’s resolutions for 2015…and places around town to help you attain those goals. Kick off 2015 right, and add these resolutions to your checklist this year!

For each resolution, there’s an associated TownFave list to help you get out and explore the best spots in town (at least if you live in LA, SF, or NYC). Don’t get lazy…let’s do this!

1. Exercise & Get in Shape

There’s no better time than the new year to start getting in shape. Don’t workout alone though…that’s certainly a recipe for failure. Join a class and get the accountability of others! For the best group workout in town…consider checking out our lists for the best CrossFit gyms in town. Might be a good way to kickstart your new exercise goal!

Best Crossfit Gyms in Los Angeles
Best Crossfit Gyms in New York
Best Crossfit Gyms in San Francisco

2. Eat Healthier

If you’re committing to exercise, you’ll also want to eat healthier. Consider adding juicing to your daily diet. These days, most people are fully aware of the wonders of juicing and rich micronutrients they provide. If you don’t have time to juice at home…no problem…there’s plenty of juice shops that have popped up around town in recent years! Here’s our lists of the best juice shops in town.

Best Juice Bar in Los Angeles
Best Juice Bars in New York
Best Juice Bars in San Francisco

3. Cook More

cooking class
Sometimes, the best way to enjoy your meals is to prepare them yourself. But, don’t just throw a bunch of ingredients into a crock pot and call it a day. There’s plenty of places around town to learn the art and craft of cooking. Check out our lists of best cooking classes in town to develop your culinary skills.

Best Cooking Classes in Los Angeles
Best Cooking Classes in New York
Best Cooking Classes in San Francisco

4. Earn Extra Income

coworking space
Who can’t use a little extra cash these days? If you have the means to freelance or pickup more contract work…there are places in town where fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors congregate to get work done together. They’re called coworking spaces, where you can rent a desk at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own office. They’re also a great place to network and potentially gain more business! Check out our lists of the best coworking spaces in town!

Best Coworking Space in Los Angeles
Best Coworking Space in New York
Best Coworking Space in San Francisco

5. Adopt a Pet

pet adoption
They say having pets can add years to your life. As another year ticks away…why not add more years by adding a pet into your life?! Consider adopting a pet, and check out our lists of the best pet adoption and rescue centers in town.

Best Pet Adoption and Rescue Shelters in Los Angeles
Best Pet Adoption and Rescue Shelters in New York
Best Pet Adoption and Rescue Shelters in San Francisco

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