Expose Excellence

Expose Excellence

binoculars-over-cityWe wanted to dedicate our first blog post to highlighting our core mission statement…to “Expose Excellence”. It’s a simple ideal. There are a ton of amazing things scattered around town, and we want to help people discover and share these great things in a simple way.

We want this core mission to drive how we think about the features we build, the product decisions we make, and how we can better serve you, our community.

Here are some thoughts as to why we chose “Expose Excellence” as our core mission.

People Aren’t Looking For Mediocre

How many times have you hung out with friends and said, “Let’s go find something mediocre.” It just doesn’t happen. People are always looking for the BEST things to do in the city. Today more than ever, people want to indulge in the best foods, the best entertainment, and the best experiences. In our mission to expose the best things in town, we want to help people find the best things in an easier way. You shouldn’t have to do a lot of digging, and pore through mountains of reviews to find the best.

Inspiring Businesses

Our focus on excellence doesn’t leave much room to focus on the bad. A lot of other sites provide a great platform for that, where people can share about their bad experiences and write reviews about why something is not great. Our philosophy is a little different. We believe that focusing purely on what’s good and excellent can ultimately be more useful for consumers and businesses. Perhaps it’s a bit like a positive reinforcement parenting philosophy…we think that rewarding businesses for being good can be very powerful (versus constantly slapping the bad ones on the hand with a ruler). We hope that as TownFave grows…businesses will be inspired to level-up their craft to get on our “best of” lists.

We are excited about this journey to expose excellence…and we hope you will join in this vision!

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